GreenCloud Air Sleeping Pad: Your Ultimate Sleep Oasis with Built-In Pump™

"Transform any campsite into a haven of dreamy bliss with our effortlessly inflatable air mattress"

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" This air mattress is a GAME CHANGER for camping. Set up was a breeze, stayed inflated all night, and it was seriously comfy. Felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. Don't camp without one, y'all! "
Linda D.

Ready in Minutes for Starlit Slumbers ⏱️

Who says setting up camp has to be time-consuming? With the GreenCloud Air Sleeping Pad, just press a button and watch your sleeping oasis rise in mere minutes. Spend less time fussing and more time relaxing under the stars.

Tired of Roughing It? Sleep Like Royalty Outdoors 🌙

Forget the hard, cold ground or the lumpy, rolling terrain. Our GreenCloud Air Sleeping Pad with built-in pump brings the comfort of your cozy bed to the great outdoors, so you wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day’s adventures.

Enhanced Warmth R-Value 4🌡️🔥

Designed with an R-Value of 4, providing enhanced warmth for year-round adventures. This will keep you toasty even during winter escapades!

Don’t Let a Leak Ruin Your Night 🚫

Our air mattress is crafted with resilient materials and a sturdy build, ensuring that even the most active sleepers won’t wake up on the ground. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your mattress will stay inflated throughout the night.

What people are saying

Betty V.

Honestly, the best camping gear purchase I've made. Usually, I wake up sore from the hard ground, but this mattress? 💤 Pure comfort. Even my dog loves it!

Jennifer E.

Was skeptical at first, but man, this air mattress proves its worth! It endured my kids jumping on it, didn’t deflate, and it fits perfectly in our tent. Plus, my back is thanking me for the best sleep I’ve had outdoors.

Jack R.

Love it! The built-in pump is fantastic, no more manual pumping or batteries needed. It's like bringing a bit of home comfort into the wilderness.

Josh Maxwell

Great product! It's compact when packed and spacious when inflated. Can’t wait to go camping and test it!!!

Tony H.

A great sleeping mat, it served the purpose of my 8 days on Kilimanjaro,Thanks for that.

David G.

I was hesitant to buy, but I went ahead and liked it a lot. It's very comfortable and durable. I'm going to buy one for my girlfriend too.

Greg J.

Very well constructed; the built-in pump is so helpful. I definitely recommend it for all campers!!

Ready for cloud-like slumbers under the stars?

Try GreenCloud Air Sleeping Pad risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Smith
Great Product, Great customer service!

Arrives in an impressively compact package and inflates effortlessly with the built-in pump. Unlike other inflatable pads that are often thinner, this one feels more like a full-fledged mattress. Its extra thickness provides excellent insulation, keeping you warm throughout the night. I brought it along on my last weekend excursion and enjoyed a restful night's sleep. I highly recommend it. Quick tip: placing a thin quilt over it prevents any noise when shifting around during the night.

Brendan Thompson
Don't miss out on this sleeping pad!

This pad is exactly as described! It took just a couple of minutes to inflate with the easy-to-use foot pump, and voilà – it's ready! I immediately tested it by rolling around in all directions to see if I would sink, but it stayed firm and supportive. It's solid, durable, and comfortable – just as advertised.

I've bought other types in the past, used them once, and had terrible sleep, wondering who could use those unless they were on long backpacking trips. The 4" height compared to the usual 2" makes a huge difference, and the coil design is far superior to air pockets. I can't wait to take it on my next outdoor adventure!

Martin Evans
I recommend this product!

I have tested an overnight stay in a tent and am incredibly satisfied. Nice both back and side position. It is a perfect pad, and the customer service is excellent. I will definitely buy again, for sure!

David Miller
This pad is the best I have seen

This Greencloud air sleeping pad is amazing! I spent two weeks camping and sleeping on it in my van, and it only needed to be re-inflated once. It is super comfortable, and I slept incredibly well every night. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable and cozy sleeping pad for their adventures!

Patricia Smith
This pad is incredible!!

I camped in the back of my car with one mattress, and it was great. Then I noticed I could snap two together, so I ordered a second one! Now I can sleep next to my husband 😊

Snapping two mattresses together made a huge difference. It felt like having a real bed in our car. The setup was easy, and we both slept so well. Perfect for car camping or any outdoor trip. Highly recommend!